Insect Infestation Devastates Moroccan Cactus, Depriving Fans of Their Favorite Fruit

Cactus production in Morocco has been severely affected by a pest infestation, leaving many fans of the popular prickly pear fruit, or "figues de barbarie," disappointed.

The cochineal insect has attacked and decimated cactus plants across the kingdom.

The cochineal insect infestation is a major problem for cactus cultivation in Morocco.

cochenille cactus

The insect, which is originally from South America, was introduced to the country accidentally and has spread rapidly, causing significant damage to cactus plants.

He explained that the cochineal insect feeds on the sap of the cactus plant, weakening and eventually killing it.

cochenille insect cactus plantation marrocco

Once infected, the plant becomes covered in white, cotton-like masses that protect the insect and its eggs.

The consequences of the cochineal infestation are significant. In addition to the loss of cactus crops, farmers also face economic hardship, as many rely on the sale of prickly pear fruit as a source of income.

In the meantime, consumers of figues de barbarie may have to look for alternative sources or face the prospect of reduced supply and higher prices.

It's worth noting that while Morocco is currently facing challenges with its cactus production due to the cochineal infestation, neighboring Tunisia is not affected by the same issue.

Tunisian cactus plants remain healthy and productive, offering an alternative market for those seeking prickly pear fruit or its derivatives.

In fact, Tunisian prickly pear seeds are known for their high quality, and many companies use them to produce prickly pear seed oil, which is renowned for its skin-healing properties.

So, while Moroccan fans of figues de barbarie may have to wait for their beloved fruit to return, they can rest assured that there are alternative sources of prickly pear products available.

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