Kasserine, the first producer of prickly pears in Tunisia

The recent rainfall in Tunisia has had a beneficial effect on the production of prickly pears, whose areas had been reduced due to drought and their use as fodder, reaching 100,000 hectares last year and 90,000 hectares during the current agricultural season.

According to estimates, the production of this fruit in Kasserine, following the recent rains, is expected to reach 250,000 tonnes for the current agricultural season, which is equivalent to the region's production in the previous year

The governorate of Kasserine ranks first in terms of areas and production of prickly pears, which for years has partly focused on export as raw material for highly demanded products in European and American markets, such as prickly pear oil, juice, and others.

Our Biodido Prickly pear seed oil is extracted from high-quality prickly pears from the cacti in Kasserine, Tunisia. It is a miraculous oil that helps delay skin aging and the appearance of wrinkles.


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